Tesco Pet Insurance Reviews, Quotes, and how-to Guide

Tesco Bank was founded in 1997. Then they introduced pet insurance to cater to pet owners in the United Kingdom. Tesco Pet Insurance is currently underwritten by Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance plc. If you’re looking for an affordable pet insurance policy that includes some extra benefits, then Tesco Bank Pet Insurance might be a good option for you. However, it’s important to remember that there may be a possibility of price increases at the time of renewal. Also, before deciding, carefully review the policy details regarding claim coverage, particularly for dental issues.

Tesco Bank offers a range of pet insurance cover options for cats, dogs, kittens, and puppies aged at least 8 weeks old. Their policies include:

  • Premier, Extra, and Standard Pet Cover: It provides different levels of coverage to suit your pet’s needs.
  • Fixed Excess Levels: You can choose the excess level that works best for you.
  • Guaranteed Discount for Tesco Clubcard Members: If you’re a Clubcard member, you’ll receive a discount.
  • 24/7 Access to Experts via VetfoneTM: Tesco offers free telephone or video calls to VetfoneTM for pet-related advice or concerns.

Tesco Bank Pet Insurance Pros and Cons


  • They offer four tiers of coverage (Accident & Injury, Standard, Extra, and Premier) to choose based on your needs and budget.
  • New customers get introductory discounts, and Clubcard members receive ongoing discounts.
  • Provides access to veterinary advice anytime on 7/24.
  • The excess amount you pay for a claim is generally lower than the industry standard.
  • Offers a discount for insuring multiple pets, making it cost-effective for households with more than one furry friend.


  • Premiums go up at renewal, and can potentially double if you make a claim.
  • Some report claim denials and difficulty getting payouts.
  • Except for the Premier plan, dental coverage is only for accidents.
  • Tesco Bank does not pay out for death resulting from illness for pets over the age of 9.
  • If you choose a referral vet outside of the Tesco Bank network (except for emergency treatment), a £200 excess applies

Tesco pet insurance average quotes and costs

Remember that Tesco Bank Pet Insurance offers a guaranteed discount for Clubcard members and provides trusted coverage for your furry companions. The cost varies based on factors such as breed, age, and medical history, but it starts at £5.63 per month for cats and £8.33 per month for dogs for the standard policy.

Starting Premiums per month£5.63 for cats and £8.33 for dogs£8.95 for cats and £13.35 for dogs£7.50 for cats and £11.50 for dogs
Vet Fees Limit£3,000£4,000 or £7,500£2,000, £4,000, £7,500, or £10,000
Dental CoverAs the result of an accidentAs the result of an accidentAs the result of an accident plus additional illness and injury cover if yearly check-up and any recommended treatment undertaken
Lost Pet CoverUp to £1,000Up to £1,000Up to £1,000
Accidents and InjuriesYesYesYes
Additional Cover for IllnessNoYesYes
24hr Vetfone™ HelplineYesYesYes
Saying Goodbye (Euthanasia)Up to £200Up to £200Up to £200
Cost of Pet Care if You’re UnwellUp to £1,000Up to £1,000Up to £1,000
Tesco pet insurance quotes
Tesco Pet Insurance Reviews

Tesco Pet Insurance Last User Reviews

Positive Reviews

  • So glad I have Tesco pet insurance! Bruno has had some problems lately & the guys on the phone, I have spoken to Honey, Fergus & Rob, they are all so helpful & friendly. My claims were dealt with very quickly & got my money back within 4 days after the claim was approved! Very happy and feel I have totally peace of mind with them.
  • Absolutely fantastic support. Our dog suffered with skeletal system all his live. All medications, X-rays, MRI, and hydrotherapy has been covered by insurance. We have had a Premium Cover level option up to £7,500. Definitely worth it if you have a large breed.
  • Excellent service. Polite, professional and knowledgeable gent called Nick guided me through all the various pros and cons of which level of insurance to purchase for my cat. He was very patient and was happy to repeat till you understood everything. Best Pet Insurance Company in Word
  • I’m really happy with the service I have received from Tesco pet insurance. Paid out very promptly no problem at all.
  • Bills were paid promptly when our little dog was ill. Unfortunately, he died and Tesco covered the cost of cremation also refunded purchase cost as he was under 9 years old. Very satisfied with the pet insurance.
  • They were excellent and sympathetic both when my cat fell Ill & later died. Highly recommend.
  • Great fast and sympathetic service when I sadly had to use my pet insurance when my cat recently began ill and passed away. Claiming was easy and straightforward and was paid within a week.
  • I’ve owned and insured cats for many years. Tesco are AMAZING. I’ve never had any problems claiming from them. They also pay out very quickly. Highly recommended.

Negative Reviews

  • Appalling service and cover, dismiss claim with no explanation or assistance in responding to questions. Also make it as hard as possible to contact to cancel policy. AVOID !!
  • My dogs insurance went up 50% for no reason at all this year. Got offered 15% off but cancelled none the less. Total scammers!
  • Awful service.Losing my cat was a terrible time made worse by complicated,long process trying to claim pet insurance.Gave up in the end.To stressful.Don’t use them.
  • Absolutely appalling customer care. Tried to contact them three times in two days for over 30 minutes on each call. Sent e-mail and still awaiting a reply.
  • Their policy is not worth the paper it’s written on. If you value your pet and depend on the insurance in case of illness then I implore you to use another insurer as they will wriggle out using any tactic possible. Utterly disgusting.
  • Insurance premiums for my dog inexplicably doubled despite having made no claims at all this year. Call handler said she couldn’t understand why either and that she had taken many calls like mine lately. I have canceled and gone elsewhere with better cover for less money!
  • Our poor baby died at just 11 months old before the cover even started! We think it’s utterly ridiculous that the insurance doesn’t start immediately, the fact it takes 14 days to start is insane!!
  • Would avoid. Policy payments increased to £50 a month without notice. Apparently missed documents as they were sent to old address we have not lived there in for 2 years. Even though spoke to ppl on the phone for policy renewal each year and not updated details.

Tesco Pet Insurance Claims and Contact Info

Ongoing Claims How Do (Repeat Medication and Ongoing Treatment)

  • For repeat medication and ongoing treatment claims, you can use the online claims portal. Simply upload your vet bills and invoices there.
  • You have the option to receive payment either as the policyholder or directly to the treating veterinary practice.
  • Visit the online claims portal to get started.

New Claims How Do (Vet Fee or New Medication)

  • If you have new vet fee or medication claims, download the claims form from the Tesco Bank website.
  • Complete the form and ensure all necessary information is filled in.
  • Email the form to your treating vet, who will complete their part of the claim form.
  • The vet can then email the completed form along with invoices and medical history to Tesco Pet Insurance.
  • If your vet agrees, Tesco can pay them directly.
  • You’ll be notified once your claim is processed.
  • Download the claims form (143KB, pdf).

Other Claims How Do (Not Involving Vet Treatment)

  • For claims that don’t include vet treatment (e.g., accident damage or lost and found cover), please email Tesco at tesco.petclaims@uk.rsagroup.com.
  • Provide full details of what happened, including copies of any invoices and supporting evidence.

Remember that Tesco aims to process most claims within a week. If you need further assistance, you can call them at *0345 078 3860 or contact them