Nationwide Pet Insurance Reviews 2024, Pros and Cons

The Nationwide Pet Insurance Reviews are mixed. While some customer reviews praise the company’s comprehensive coverage and helpful customer service, other reviews complain about higher premiums and limitations on pre-existing conditions.

Nationwide Pet Insurance is a company that offers comprehensive coverage, reasonable rates, and excellent customer service and is a popular choice, but is it the perfect fit for your furry friend? In this review, we’ll dive deep into Nationwide’s pet insurance plans, analyzing their pros, cons, and key features to help you decide if it’s the right choice for you.

Fast Nationwide Pet Insurance Review

Nationwide offers a comprehensive range of insurance products to protect individuals, families, and Nationwide business insurance. It is one of the oldest and largest pet insurance companies in the U.S., covering more than a million pets. Unlike most insurers, Nationwide sells policies for dozens of species, not just cats and dogs — so owners of parrots, rabbits, and guinea pigs can get coverage too. They sell in all 50 states and Washington, D.C. However, the availability of specific plans may vary by state. Coverage may not be available to all pets in a given state.

Nationwide has earned an impressive 5 stars out of 5 for overall performance according to NerdWallet Nationwide pet insurance reviews. Their rating system considers consumer experience, coverage options, and financial strength ratings. Nationwide is on the list of the Best Pet Insurance Companies.

Nationwide offers comprehensive insurance with flexible plans and 24/7 support. However, its higher cost and mixed customer reviews warrant comparison with other providers. It is important to thoroughly evaluate your priorities and budget before reaching a decision. Key Features of Nationwide pet insurance are:

  • Deductible options: $250, $500, and $750
  • Reimbursement percentages: 70%, 80%, or 90%
  • Annual coverage limits: Up to $25,000
  • Pets covered: Dogs, cats, birds, and reptiles (varies by plan)
  • The age range covered: Varies by plan, generally from 6 weeks to 14 years old (some exceptions apply)

Who Should Consider Nationwide?

  • Pet owners seeking extensive coverage options, including wellness care.
  • Those with multiple pets can benefit from multi-pet discounts.
  • Individuals who value the stability and support of a large insurance company.

Who Might Look Elsewhere?

  • Pet owners on a tight budget seeking more affordable options.
  • Those concerned about claim payout rates and potential delays.
  • Breeds are prone to cruciate ligament issues due to the waiting period.

Nationwide Pet Insurance Price List

Nationwide pet insurance prices due to several factors:

  • Dynamic Pricing: Prices are dynamic, meaning they vary depending on several factors like your pet’s breed, age, location, chosen plan, and even deductible and reimbursement rate options.
  • Multiple Plans: Offers several different plans with varying levels of coverage and costs. Additionally, they offer stand-alone wellness plans and add-ons.
  • State Availability: Specific plans and coverages might not be available in all states.
Plan TypeCoverage LevelStarting Price (Monthly)Notes
Accident-OnlyAccidents only~ $15Limited coverage, good for young, healthy pets
WellnessStand-alone wellness care~ $25Additional cost, varies by coverage chosen
Major MedicalAccidents and illnesses~ $62Most popular plan, various coverage options
Whole PetComprehensive coverage~ $90Highest coverage, includes wellness and more
Nationwide Pet Insurance Price List

Nationwide Pet Insurance Pros and Cons


  • Variety of Plans: Nationwide offers various plans to suit different needs and budgets. Choose from accident-only, accident & illness, wellness, and breed-specific options.
  • Multiple Coverage Options: Each plan covers various expenses, including vet visits, hospitalization, surgery, prescriptions, and even alternative therapies.
  • Customization: Customize your plan with deductible choices, reimbursement percentages, and annual coverage limits to find the perfect balance between budget and coverage.
  • Discounts: Enjoy a 5% discount for multi-pet policies and an additional 5% if you’re an existing Nationwide customer.
  • 24/7 Telehealth: Access free veterinary consultations by phone or video chat for non-emergency concerns.
  • Pet Rx Express: Get discounted prescriptions at Walmart and Sam’s Club pharmacies.
  • Strong Financial Backing: Nationwide is a financially stable company, ensuring your policy remains secure.


  • Higher Rates: Compared to some competitors, Nationwide’s premiums can be slightly higher, especially for older pets or certain breeds.
  • 1-Year Cruciate Ligament Waiting Period: This extended waiting period might be inconvenient if your pet is prone to such injuries.
  • Limited Coverage for Pre-Existing Conditions: Pre-existing conditions are generally excluded, though some coverage might be available with limitations.
  • No Wellness Coverage in All Plans: Wellness coverage for routine care is only available in specific plans.
Nationwide pet insurance wellness coverage review
Nationwide pet insurance wellness coverage

Nationwide pet insurance wellness coverage

They offer several wellness coverage options alongside their accident and illness plans, helping you stay proactive with your pet’s health and potentially save money in the long run. Wellness coverage Options of Nationwide are:

  • Stand-alone wellness plans: Available in three tiers with varying coverage amounts and premiums.
  • Added to accident and illness plans: Enhance your comprehensive coverage with wellness benefits.

With these plans, you will be covered in:

  • Annual physical exams: Crucial for early detection of potential issues.
  • Vaccinations: Protect your pet from preventable diseases.
  • Deworming and parasite prevention: Guard against internal and external parasites.
  • Flea and tick preventives: Keep pesky pests at bay.
  • Microchipping: Increase the chances of finding your lost pet.
  • Behavioral training: Address unwanted behaviors for a happier life together.
  • Optional coverage: Depending on the plan, you might get reimbursed for spay/neuter procedures, dental cleanings, and other preventive care.

Pros and Cons of Nationwide Pet Insurance Wellness Coverage

Nationwide Wellness Coverage Pros:

Reduces out-of-pocket costs for routine care.
Encourages preventative measures, potentially preventing future illnesses.
Multiple plan options to fit your budget and pet’s needs.
Direct reimbursement for covered services.

Nationwide Wellness Coverage Cons:

Not available in all states.
Reimbursement limits and caps might apply.
Premiums add to the overall cost of pet insurance.
Routine care expenses might not justify the cost for everyone.

Is Wellness Coverage Right for You?

It depends on your budget, your pet’s age and health, and your commitment to preventative care. Consider these factors:

  • Budget: If you can afford regular vet visits and preventative measures, the cost of the plan might not be justified.
  • Pet’s age and health: Younger, healthier pets might not require expensive preventive care initially.
  • Commitment to routine care: If you prioritize your pet’s well-being and proactive health management, wellness coverage could be valuable.

Nationwide Pet Insurance Claims

Filing a claim with Nationwide Pet Insurance is a relatively straightforward process that can be done online, by mail, or by fax. Nationwide Pet Insurance has an average claim reimbursement rate of around 80%. This means that for every dollar you spend on covered veterinary care, Nationwide will reimburse you about 80 cents.

Filing a claim with Nationwide Pet Insurance is a relatively straightforward process that can be done online, by mail, or by fax. You can easily manage your claims by logging in to your account. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Gather your documentation: You will need a completed claim form, your pet’s medical records for the covered condition, and the original itemized invoice from your veterinarian.
  • Submit Claims: If you’ve incurred eligible veterinary expenses, you can submit your claims through the online portal.
  • Check Claim Status: Keep track of the status of your submitted claims.
  • Update Account Info: Make necessary changes to your account details.
  • Manage Preferences: Customize your preferences related to your pet insurance.
Nationwide pet insurance reviews claims and rates 2024
Nationwide reviews pros cons 2024

Nationwide Pet Insurance reviews

Positive reviews

  • Easy to file a claim and we met our deductible and got 121 dollars back on our last claim so far a good process a top company But it takes SECONDS TO JUMP ON LINE AND UPLOAD AND FILE your receipt and vet worksheet thats it. No strings attached.
  • I had this plan for 6 years and I tried 2 pet plans before nationwide. Nationwide pet insurance is amazing!!! Filing claims is so easy and as long as you have explanatory receipts they never deny a claim. And they never reimburse you a percentage of what you should’ve paid. They give you the full amount you paid after your deductible. We had a dog with multiple medical issues and they were Fanta with reimbursement.
  • I have had Nationwide Pet Insurance for about 5 years. They have been nothing but fantastic for my cat Mufasa. Medical expenses have not been turned down even considering over the 5 years we have probably had over 60K in expenses. Brain surgery, ear canal removal, CT Scans, tumor and lymph node removal have all been covered. Get this insurance for your animal. You never have to worry about costs when you take your pet to the vet.
  • I am very surprised at the negative reviews. We have had a policy with them since 2007, and have never had a claim denied. We have a premium plan and the wellness coverage. It is easy to file claims and payment is usually made within 7-10 days. They are easy to contact as well. We have had claims for multiple reasons and never had issues. They are expensive, but I have shopped around and for the policy they are in line with others and often less expensive. We are happy with them.

Negative Reviews

  • I’m not surprised that they’re low score online. They are very known to try and not pay out on claims. If you want them to review the claim with the medical records, you can send that to them but then when you call to follow up, they will tell you that they don’t have the records so you end up resending it several times.
  • Rarely have I encountered a company/service quite so useless as this one. Seemingly, any condition your contracts before reaching the Vet’s office is by definition a “preexisting condition” and not covered. My dog would have been better served if I had let him eat the money I sent to these thieves for the past few years.
  • My pup is 9 yrs old now. Premiums steadily increase every year which is understandable as she gets older. What’s not understandable is how it went up from $2500 in 2023 to $6500 this year. There reason. 1. Dog is older, 2. Premiums have increased all around California. But a $4000 increase if INSANE! Screw these guys.
  • Absolutely do NOT waste your time with this insurance. I was paying for 8 1/2 yrs and the moment I needed to use them let’s just say what they covered was way less than I have put in over the years. I canceled as soon as I seen they are of no help.
  • If i could give 0 stars I would. This company is absolutely horrific with pet insurance. They make you go through any and everything before reimbursing you for anything related to the policy.
  • Plan went from $59 to $130 a month renewal with same exact terms. They said they didn’t increase in a while so this was the new increase.

Nationwide Pet Insurance Reviews part 2

Positive Nationwide Pet Insurance reviews 2

  • Affordable pet insurance provided through my job. Easy to navigate app to submit claims and fast response time as well.
  • We pay $50 per month for our 6 year old pitbull mix, and have had reimbursements of over $800 this year with not a single denial. We absolutely love Nationwide and recommend it to everyone.
  • My cat had a serious injury on 09/14 and needed emergency care at the animal hospital. The care was expensive but nationwide has already reimbursed me per the terms of the policy. Defiantly no complaints with this company.
  • I use nationwide pet insurance for my dog for8 years. They did wonderful for my pet I couldn’t had Better insurance insurance.
  • We have been using Nationwide since 2018. Great rates, fast processing, good explanation of benefits. I would absolutely recommend them for insurance!
  • This company saved me $1800 when my dog had his entire face ripped apart by a larger dog. Saved his life and my sanity. You do have to file a claim but they are quick with the turnaround and always answer the phone. Can’t say enough nice things. How insurance should be.

Negative Nationwide Pet Insurance Reviews 2

  • For 15 years I paid into this insurance, five claims that were never fully paid . Now it cost $350 to euthanize my pet and they paid $65. 100% useless insurance. Do not recommend.
  • Aug 2023 my dog vomited from a wasp sting. Anytime my dog vomits it is now denied as “preexisting condition” unless you appeal the claim and fight for coverage. Pathetic.
  • I regret getting this insurance for my vet. When I submitted a claim over 4 weeks ago and I haven’t received my payment. I called twice and so far nothing has been resolved.
  • They literally do not approve anything and even go against the vets professional opinion. They are scam artists 🎨. Try to claim that every problem is a pre existing condition.
  • Do not use this company I provided itemized bills for my dogs surgery and vets notes they do not pay out. I’m stuck paying to through my work benefits 70 a month for nothing. Better off just not having insurance tbh
  • They keep raising rates every year by $10-15. Then this year they want to increase the fees 40%+. Ridiculous! Stating it because of the cost of living in my state. Don’t waste your time they’re not worth it.

Reviews part 3

Nationwide Pet Insurance Positive Reviews 3

  • So far I’ve had a great experience. Payment process is slow but very easy to submit claim
  • Totally professional in all aspects. Extremely courteous customer service. Answered all my questions and claims were done consistent and quickly.
  • Got 3 dragons insured so thank you Nationwide.
  • Provided complete and prompt payment for eye surgery for my dog two months after enrolling. Telephone service is excellent.
  • Great employer and people!
  • I am extremely happy that they are my pet’s insurance company.
  • Nationwide has the best pet insurance. They cover so much with the whole pet insurance policy. Gives me a piece of mind with my kiddos. I have always had great customer service with them also. Thank you Nationwide!

Nationwide Pet Insurance Negative Reviews 3

  • I have had Nationwide Pet insurance for almost 13 years. My pet needed a lump taken out last week. I have paid in almost 30,000. over the years in premiums and you only covered 1k of a 5k surgery. This is disgusting.
  • Don’t do it. Total scam. I’ve had it for 2 years, never made a claim, and they’ve just upped my MONTHLY policy premium from ~$125 to $188! Cancelling it and going to Pet’s Best.
  • would give 0 stars – total sham, has a reason not to cover anything and totally useless. Save your money.
  • Really make it difficult to file a claim and drag their feet once you do. The communication is terrible as well.
  • Just canceled it because they kept sending me denial letters for every claim I submitted. It was a waste of money to get this insurance in the first place.
  • No one answers the phone at this company. I do not recommend!


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