NYL-AARP Life Insurance Reviews, Pros and Cons.

What are NYL AARP Life Insurance Reviews, Pros and Cons? How much are AARPNYL term and Permanent Life insurance Quotes and Coverages? Which is the best policy for me? what are professionals and real users of AARP Insurance Reviews?

1 Minute AARP NYL insurance review

The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) Life Insurance division partnered with New York Life to offer term and whole life policies without the need for a medical exam. It was founded in 1958 to give older citizens access to quality financial and health services. With over 38 million members, AARP is one of the largest nonprofit organizations in the United States. Therefore it is available to all U.S. citizens aged 50 or older. also, AARP is one of the best life insurance companies in USA.

If you are a senior specifically looking for no medical exam or guaranteed acceptance coverage, the AARP Company does provide reasonable quotes for whole life insurance. However, death benefits are limited to less than $50,000. So you would need to look elsewhere if your family needs additional financial protection. One of the unique benefits of AARP Life Insurance Company is they won’t check criminal records. Just about every other carrier is going to look for any severe criminal activity, and they won’t look into your past.

What most consumers don’t know about their life insurance offerings is that New York Life pays AARP to be their exclusive provider. So unfortunately they are far from the best product for seniors. Before we begin, if you have questions about what is insurance or do I need life insurance, click here.

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Nyl Aarp Insurance reviews riders


  • Get up to DOUBLE your coverage … or choose what’s right for you.
  • It’s so easy to apply – no medical exam, just health information.
  • It’s all billed right along with your current term coverage. One easy payment to manage.
  • Keep the coverage until age 80. Or exchange it for whole life and keep it as long as you live.
  • Get the important added coverage features you can count on.
  • Accelerated Death Benefit
  • Children’s Insurance Rider
  • Waiver of Premium

AARP Life Prices

The AARP Life Insurance Program from New York Company offers members both term and permanent group coverage. No physical exam is required. For most products, acceptance is based on your health and other information. The rates for policies vary depending on the type of policy you choose, your age, gender, health status, and other factors. View all about Health Insurance.

For example, Permanent Life Insurance offers valuable whole-life coverage up to $50,000 with guaranteed rates that never increase for any reason. The premium rates for this policy are based on your age at the time of application and will not increase as you get older.

AARP Life Prices for 2024 Tables

1- AARP Term Life Insurance Prices (10-year term)

Term Life Prices list

2-AARP Whole Life Insurance Prices

Whole Life Prices list

3- Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance prices(Simplified Issue)

Guaranteed Acceptance Life Prices list

Remember these are just estimates, and your actual rates may be different. Please contact AARP or an agent to get a personalized quote.

To get a quote for AARP life insurance rates in New York, you can visit the official page of the New York Life Insurance Company web site. You can also call 1-800-865-7927 to speak with a licensed agent who can help you find the right policy for your needs.

AARPNYL Quotes Coverages and Policy Types

  • AARP Whole life insurance: AARPNYL members ages 50 to 80 and their spouses ages 45 to 80 can apply. The annual price stays level and coverage lasts throughout your life. so you can stop making premium payments once the policy is considered paid up (typically at age 95). Up to $50,000 of coverage is offered through the online application
  • NYLAARP Term life insurance: The term life product features coverage amounts of $10,000 to $100,000, although higher amounts are available by calling New York Life.
  • Guaranteed acceptance whole life: They offer its guaranteed life product to those members aged 50–80 (and spousal coverage from age 45–80). Death benefits range from $2,500 up to $25,000, will never decrease, and are available for life. There is no waiting period with this plan, but benefits during the first two years of coverage will pay only a portion of the death benefit. Full benefits are available for any accidental death as of the first day the policy is active.
  • Whole life insurance for children: AARP members ages 50 to 80 can buy whole life policies for their children or grandchildren who are up to age 17 through the AARP Young Start program. Coverage of up to $20,000 is available. No medical exam is required; acceptance is based on answers to various health questions.
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NYL AARP life insurance pros and cons

AARP NYL Life Insurance Pros & Cons Compilation

AARP life insurance Pros

  • Fewer than the expected number of complaints to state regulators
  • Smokers with pre-existing medical conditions
  • Transparent pricing: NYLAARP allows you to get AARP Life Insurance quotes for all of its policies online.
  • Guaranteed acceptance policy available
  • Widely available nationwide
  • Will take preexisting conditions
  • No waiting period with whole or level benefit term life
  • Premiums stop at age 95 but coverage continues. So, if you’re lucky enough to live past 95, it’s a nice benefit.
  • Whole life insurance for your child or grandchild under the age of 18 with no medical exam
  • Fast approval: Fast approval without waiting periods. You may apply for both term and whole life insurance online, completing the application in seconds.
  • Premiums start at $11 for guaranteed acceptance or level benefit term life
  • 30-day moneyback guarantee
  • Uniform pricing and quotes
  • No medical exam required
  • Low-cost whole-life policies for children or grandchildren
  • Free online quotes with transparent pricing
  • Anyone age 50 and up can get access through AARP membership

NYLAARP insurance Cons

  • Term life insurance premiums rise every five years
  • Monthly term life premiums increase over time
  • $100,000 benefit cap
  • Available only to 45+
  • Insurance is issued by third-party organizations, and policies are underwritten by New York Company.
  • Coverage options and restrictions vary by state: For example, easy acceptance policies are not available in all states, and juvenile policies are not offered in Maryland, New York, or Washington.
  • AARP membership is required and Full membership is limited to people ages 50 and older, and you must pay a fee to join.
  • Low coverage maximums: With the AARP Program, the maximum amount of coverage you can get is $100,000 with a term life policy.
  • Online applications aren’t available in all states and you may have to apply by mail
  • Guaranteed acceptance won’t pay the entire death benefit until the two-year waiting period ends
  • AARP membership fee, You must be a member of them. So on top of your premiums, you must pay the membership fee.
  • High premiums, The convenience of quick approvals and no medical exams tend to create higher premiums than you’d find in fully underwritten policies.
  • Term life insurance is only offered to people under 80

NYL AARP Insurance Reviews and Comments

Positive AARP Insurance Reviews

  • I am 72 years old and I applied 4 years ago I check every year with other companies for their whole-life $10,000 policy rates and New York AARP is still the best and has the lowest premium.
  • They have a lot of valid options and I prefer all of the benefits that they give out with using the company for a policy. My overall experience with the NYLAARP life insurance company is very positive and they give me very good coverage. So I would keep using them and recommend them to people too.
  • It’s a reliable company with a variety of products, especially without a health exam. If you have a preexisting condition most are accepted. It’s based on the information you give. As always if you’re younger than 50 it would be good for you and reasonable rates.

NYL AARP Negative Reviews

  • NO customer service. Waste of money. Therefore AARP is not worth the money. They are paid a royalty/commission to sell United Health and won’t help if you have a problem with what they promise. Buy from Cigna. United has also a lot of bad reviews. Their customer service is terrible.
  • I sent many offers to apply for life insurance policies. I applied and truthfully answered any questions. I am in very good health but because I had a gastric surgery a year ago to better my health and weight I turned down for that ready only for coverage.
  • My father passed away in 2014 with a $ 10,000 policy. He had always paid auto-pay on time. But when he passed I called about his policy and was told they stopped accepting auto-pay which was the same time he moved. Out of all the people he paid bills to they were the only ones that didn’t recognize his change of address. They told me I could write a letter and possibly recover the money he put into it. They are a joke, but most companies find a way not to pay so I wasn’t surprised.

AARP life insurance discounts

The AARP offers several options for its members. Guaranteed Acceptance policy from New York Life provides up to $25,000 in coverage with no premium increases. Options from New York Life offers up to $50,000 in coverage with no premium increases. AARP Term Life Insurance from New York Life provides coverage up to $150,000 that ends at age 80. Permanent Life Insurance from New York offers up to $50,000 in coverage with no premium increases.

Please note that the availability of these options may vary by state and insurer. So visit the website for more information on life insurance options and benefits for its members

How to file a claim with AARP

To file a claim, you can contact AARP at 1-888-428-4868. You can also file a death claim with AARP Life by contacting them and informing them of the death. They will confirm the policy is active and send you their Claim Form. The Group Life Claims Department manages death claims for policies offered through employers.

You can also report a claim online by completing the online notification form on the website. You will need a contract number, as well as the deceased’s social security number, date of birth, and details about the death.

If you have any questions or concerns about filing a claim with them, you can contact their claims department by phone or mail.

AARP New York Life burial insurance

While AARP does not offer burial insurance specifically, the Permanent Life Insurance policy can be used to cover final expenses such as funeral costs. Funeral costs have been on the rise for as long as there have been funerals. Caskets and cemetery plots are just the beginning. Ceremony fees, transportation, headstones, and even clergy donations can add up quickly for 2023-2024. Finally, in 2021, the National Funeral Directors Association calculated that the typical cost of a funeral was $9,430

AARP term life insurance reviews

One of the main advantages of AARP term policy is that it does not require a medical exam. This can be a good option for people who have pre-existing health conditions or who are concerned about the cost and hassle of a medical exam.

However, there are also some disadvantages. One is that the coverage limits are relatively low, with a maximum of $150,000. This may not be enough coverage for some people. Additionally, the premiums for AARP term life insurance can be higher than those for other companies, especially for older applicants.

Overall, AARP term life insurance may be a good option for people who are looking for affordable coverage without a medical exam. However, it is important to compare rates from other companies before making a decision.

pros and cons of AARP term life insurance


  • No medical exam required
  • Financially strong company
  • Competitive rates for some applicants


  • Low coverage limits
  • Higher premiums for older applicants
  • Only available to AARP members

AARPNYL whole life insurance policy

It offers life insurance policies for its members through the New York Company. The AARP Life Insurance Program offers both term and permanent group coverage. Their no medical exam whole life policy is a form of final expense insurance (also called burial insurance), as the amount of coverage available is usually just sufficient to cover end-of-life expenses. Permanent Life Insurance is a whole life policy available for AARP members between the ages of 50 and 80.


AARP offers a variety of plans for its members. Their Insurance Exclusive Packages offer lifetime benefit level coverage from $10,000 to $100,000 with the AARP Level Benefits policy. In the Permanent Life Insurance, they offer up to $50,000 of coverage. If you purchase guaranteed acceptance Coverage, you can get coverage of up to $25,000. The Start Young Life plan is designed for children and young adults between the ages of 18 and 29.

In addition to life insurance plans, they also offer Medicare plans from UnitedHealthcare 2 and homeowners insurance through The Hartford

AARP life insurance for seniors over 50

AARP offers policies for seniors who are at least 50 years old. The policies are offered through New York Life and include term and whole life insurance policies.

The term policy is for seniors under 65 and has coverage amounts ranging from $10,000 to $100,000. The policy does not require a medical exam but premiums increase every five years based on age.

The whole life insurance policy is for seniors over 50 and has coverage amounts up to $50,000. The policy does not require a medical exam and premiums remain the same. The policy is paid after 95 years.

They also offer a guaranteed acceptance policy for seniors between 50 and 80. This policy has coverage amounts up to $25,000 and does not require a medical exam or health questions. Lemonade Life Insurance Reviews, pros and Cons.

AARP life insurance rates by age

AARP life insurance rates vary depending on the policy type, coverage amount, age, and health of the applicant. NYL AARP only offers coverage for people at least 50 years old. Costs average $156 per month for $100,000 in coverage for healthy men and women 50 years and up. Rates increase over time in 5-year age brackets up to age 80.

For example, a healthy nonsmoking 65-year-old male seeking $25,000 in coverage will pay $67 for term, $158 for a permanent whole life, and $225 for guaranteed acceptance.

Note that these are just estimates and your actual rates may vary based on your specific situation.

Is it good for seniors?

AARP is a good option for seniors with pre-existing conditions. However, they have high rates for healthy seniors. But a simplified whole-life policy is great for seniors who have managed medical conditions such as diabetes for two years or longer. The absence of a medical exam enables seniors with chronic medical conditions to secure the coverage they otherwise wouldn’t get. Premiums stop at age 95.

Please note that the suitability of AARP life insurance depends on your specific situation. It is important to compare rates and policies from multiple providers before making a decision.

Is NYLAARP life insurance affordable?

AARP life insurance rates are generally higher than those of other providers. However, AARP’s simplified whole life insurance policy is great for seniors who have managed medical conditions such as diabetes for two years or longer. The absence of a medical exam enables seniors with chronic medical conditions to secure the coverage they otherwise wouldn’t get. Premiums stop at age 95.

The cost of AARP life insurance depends on your specific situation. It is important to compare rates and policies from multiple providers before making a decision.

Does AARP require a medical exam?

AARP’s simplified whole-life policy does not require a medical exam. This makes it a great option for seniors who have managed medical conditions such as diabetes for two years or longer. The absence of a medical exam enables seniors with chronic medical conditions to secure the coverage they otherwise wouldn’t get. But premiums stop at age 95.

AARPNYL life insurance customer service phone number

aarp whole life insurance reviews 2024
AARP whole life insurance reviews

You can contact the AARP (New York Life) customer service by calling 1-800-607-6957. The customer service is available from Monday to Friday between 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. (ET). You can also report a claim by calling (800) 695-5165 or by completing the online claims form.

The AARP New York life insurance address is P.O. Box 30712 Tampa, FL 33630-3712.

You can manage your policy online by logging into your account on the official website. You can also make a one-time payment to your contract online