Car Insurance Quotes and Rates in California, How Car Insurance Premiums are Calculated

Car Insurance Quotes and Rates in California, vary based on many parameters. How Premiums are Calculated? And how to get the cheapest and lowest premium car insurance? We will explain the effect of the parameters on the Quotes with the following Minimum and Cheapest policy examples:

Coverage TypeBasic – Liability Only
LocationInyo Bishop
ForSingle Driver
Years Licensed14 to 25
Mileage5,000 – 7,500
Driving RecordNo Violations
VehicleToyota Camry
Quote$245-$894 Annually
Cheapest Policy Quotes in California
* The annual premiums shown are before any applicable discounts are applied. So this is not a premium quote. Contact a company representative for an actual “Auto Premium Quote.”
2024 Car Insurance Quotes in California
2024 Car Insurance Quotes and Rates in California

How Car Insurance Quotes and Premiums are Calculated in California

Insurance company

Car insurance companies have their own pricing policy and may charge low or high premiums based on that policy. In general, there is an inverse relationship between premium prices and the company’s reliability, customer service, and support. For the cheapest policy available above, different companies offer different Quotes. For example, companies like Western Gen Ins Co, offer very cheap Quote( $245). But in the best car insurance companies in California List, Geico car insurance offers the cheapest Quote($413 annually). Moreover, Farmers offers the highest Quote ($894 annually).

State and County

Each state and county has different Risks, laws, and prices. Therefore, the same company may offer different Quotes for the same policy in different states or counties. For example, on the policy found above, We can choose Los Angeles – Central. As a result, Geico’s Quote is still $413 annually. But Farmers’ Quote rises to $1378 annually.

Coverages and Limits of Auto Insurance Policy

The more car insurance coverage and limits you want, the higher the premiums you will pay. For example, on the policy listed above, you can choose Standard coverage instead of Basic-Liability Only Car Insurance. So the annual premium will range from $948-2872. Among our top car insurance companies list, you’ll get the cheapest quote from Mercury ( $1124) and the most expensive quote from Farmers ( $1907). However, Geico’s quote will be $1,723.

Number of drivers in Car Insurance Policy

How many people will drive the same car? The more people, the higher the premiums. You Can Choose Married Couple Insurance Instead of Single Driver. As a result of the above list, the annual premium will range from $377-$1834. Among our top companies in California list, you’ll get the cheapest quote from Progressive car insurance ( $730) and the most expensive quote from Farmers ( $1608). On the other hand, Geico’s quote will be $752, Mercury $796, Travelers $822, Esurance $1062, and Nationwide $1166.

Years of Licensed Car Insurance quotes in California

In California, most companies determine who a young driver is based on their driver’s license year, while others may consider both age and driver’s license year. This can result in temporarily higher premiums. Because younger drivers have the least driving experience. If your Licensed year is 1 to 2 years on the policy listed above. As a result, the annual premium will range from $665-$2590.You’ll get the cheapest quote from Geico ( $854). But the most expensive quote from Farmers ( $1814). Also, State Farm’s quote will be $905, Travelers $975, Progressive $1254, Esurance $1530 and Nationwide $1559.

Mileage and Auto Insurance Quotes Relations

Car insurance premiums are based on risk. The further and more often you drive, the more likely you are to be involved in an accident and need to make a claim. So, the higher your annual mileage, the higher your premium. In the policy listed above, if your annual mileage is 12,500 – 16,000, the annual premium will range from $335-$1230. Among our list, you’ll get the cheapest car insurance quote from Mercury ( $516) and the most expensive quote from Farmers ( $1169). Also, State Farm’s quote will be $551, Geico $555, Wawanesa $584, Travelers $588, Progressive $664, Esurance $740 and Nationwide $805.

Driving Record and Car Insurance quotes in California

Insurers are generally prohibited from refusing to issue a policy or increasing your policy premium based on traffic accidents, traffic violations or claims that are more than three years old. Insurers may consider traffic accidents, traffic violations, and claims that are older than three years for the purpose of determining eligibility for, or the amount of, a premium discount program.

If your driving record or claims history is less than perfect, you may be considered a higher risk. So you may not be eligible for a premium discount. If you are at the highest risk level, probably none of the companies will accept you. In this case, you need to apply to The California Automobile Assigned Risk Plan (CAARP). If your driving record has 1 Car Insurance Ticket and 1 Accident, the annual premium will range from $400-$1740. Among our list, you’ll get the cheapest quote from Geico( $793) and the most expensive quote from Progressive ( $1646). But Travelers’s quote will be $980, Esurance $1154, and Farmers $1403.

Type and Model of car

Generally, the more expensive your vehicle, the more you will pay for comprehensive and collision car insuranc coverage in California. Also, sports cars and high-performance vehicles cost more for companies. Because they are involved in more accidents, cost more to repair, and are stolen more often, they cost more to insure. So will increase your premium and the given quote price.

How to get a discount in California

 Quotes and Rates
Quotes and Rates CA

As an insurance shopper, you should check with your company agent or broker about possible discounts that may apply to you. Such as those for senior citizens, carpools, and low annual mileage. And the “good student discount” offered to youthful operators meeting certain academic requirements. You can also save money with a “multi-car discount” by insuring all your cars with the same company. That is to say, rates are generally highest for youthful drivers. So young drivers should inquire about a “driver training” discount offered by many insurers for those who have taken driver’s education classes.

Your income may be low and it may be difficult for you to pay premiums. In such cases, California has a program to help you. You can apply for California’s Low Cost Car (CLCA) Insurance program. Therefore this program helps eligible drivers obtain policy that meets their state’s liability laws.

  • Good Drivers Discount: California Good Drivers with a clean driving record for 5 years qualify and may have an additional discount.
  • New Vehicle Discount:
  • Coll Multi-Line Discounts: For auto customers having other policy types with the same Company.
  • Loyalty/Persistency Discount: As customers maintain coverage with the company, they will receive persistency discounts of 5.1% – 10.1%.
  • Anti-Theft Devices 5% -10%.
  • Drivers Training 5%.
  • Good Student 1%.
  • Group Prog Credit/Prof Degree Up to 39%.
  • Low Annual Mileage Driven Up to 39.5%.
  • Mature Drivers Course 5%.
  • Multi – Car 10% – 19%.
  • Multi-Policy Credit Up to 20%.
  • Passive Safety Features 5% (airbag).
  • Persistency Credit (Retention) 5.1% to 10.1%.